Self-Development Through Gyana Yoga

The N in the name Gyana means work and break. It’s a sign of indecision, but overcoming indecision can be achieved with latent talent or self-development. Though impulsiveness can lead to trouble, it can also bring many friends and prosperity. The tendency to imagine problems can take over one’s mind and lead to indecision. Fortunately, there are several ways to overcome indecision, and they will all involve some form of self-development.

Jnana yoga

Among the many benefits of Jnana Yoga is the development of the selfless, divine love that is the basis of all true knowledge. This love is based on a knowledge of God and the nature of everything, and there is no need for fear, anger, or judgment because everything is in fact, a part of God. In addition to being an essential part of the practice, Jnana Yoga also increases one’s capacity for concentration and focus.

Gyan mudra

The yogic gesture Gyan mudra is an excellent choice for many reasons. It enhances blood circulation, strengthens the muscular system, and regulates body temperature. It also alleviates the symptoms of diabetes, insomnia, and Alzheimer’s. It can also help people overcome drug addictions, as it directly affects the nervous system and pituitary gland. Its benefits also include helping to reduce stress, and improving overall mental and emotional health.

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Performing the yoga asana Nididhyasana will allow you to experience the full power of dhyana, samadhi, and sukta-sana, or the twofold union of mind and body. When practised correctly, this asana will help you experience the SELF and the ultimate Self. The mind and its asanas will dissolve and you will be able to move between the human and Divine dimensions effortlessly.


The first aspect of Guyana is Vairagya or the state of being transparent. Vairagya implies being free from all distortions. Clear flowing water, for example, acquires the colour of the soil beneath it, whereas a person who is transparent has no colour at all. While colour is created by breaking light, this ability to see is also a product of breakage. Hence, Vairagya is the state of seeing everything as it is, without colour.

Kevala gyana

The practise of meditation is a cornerstone of the Jain religion, where it is considered the ultimate penance. In Jainism, gyana (literally, “spiritual state”) is a process of detaching ourselves from our possessions and experiencing total reality. This state is achieved through nonviolence. In this process, a person attains omniscience and transcends the ‘ego’. In Jainism, kevala jnana (or kevala gyana) is one of the twelve stages of spiritual development and is considered a stage in a journey towards the ultimate goal of liberation.


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